Dear Baby,


We are thrilled to hear Corey & Susi are applying for adoption. Corey is my brother and my wife Ann and I have known Susi for more than 20 years and have been fortunate to get to know Susi's parents and brothers. Though they have often lived in different parts of the world to us, one of the main reasons we believe they would make wonderful parents is their strong marriage. They are both wonderful role models for us and our 3 children - Griffin (16), Riley (14) and Arabella (12).


We often visit Corey and Susi in the USA as a family.  Our kids love spending time with both of them.  They are lots of fun and have always been great with children.  Our kids have loved them dearly from when they were little.  We cannot wait to meet the newest addition to our family.  We look forward to creating a lifetime of memories both here in Australia and on our visits to the US.


Ben & Ann