corey&susi would like to adopt a baby

What's so great about Corey? By Susi

Yes, Corey is successful, has worked around the world, has run companies, has held global positions, has managed several hundred people and run his own business, but none of those things mean he'll be a good father.


No, the reasons Corey will be a great dad are that he can change a poopy diaper, make fires for toasting marshmallows, BBQ like an Australian, swim like a dolphin, ski, sail, ride trail bikes, and even make mayonnaise. He's a great short-order cook, has superior chopping-up and washing-up skills, takes out the garbage like a champion, and can drive anywhere in the world (well, except maybe Russia).


He doesn’t mind a bit when tiny girls call him “Aunty Corey” by mistake, he takes good care of everyone around him, and he has the best and biggest heart of anyone in the whole wide world. Click below for a few more reasons why he'll make a great dad.

( portrait by our niece, Arabella, who was 8-years-old at the time )

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