It is with great pleasure that I write to endorse Cory & Susi as prospective adoptive parents. Having grown up with Corey, as family friends, we were delighted to welcome Susi over 20 years ago, as it was clearly evident that their union was a perfect coupling - allowing their similarities & differences to complete each other. In adulthood, Corey & Susi have always warmly hosted & acted tour guide to me, my friends, my boyfriend (now husband) and my extended family, wherever they reside, be it interstate or internationally. A highlight of any trip is the time we have shared.


I honestly believe that a child raised in such a warm, creative, joyous, compassionate, inclusive & loving environment will be truly blessed, growing up knowing their worth & wanting to make the world a better place. A stable environment & huge circle of family & friends “family of choice” waits to embrace them & help their navigation through life. They will always knowing that there is a “soft place to land” whatever challenges are faced. This is testament to the character of Corey & Susi & reflective of the support they have always offered to those around & I wish them love & luck for the exciting future ahead.