corey&susi would like to adopt a baby

dear baby ... ( A few words from close friends & family members! )

a message from

our goddaughters,

hope & makena


( Who will teach you how to get more than one cookie at a time out of us. )

Dear Love,

We can’t wait to welcome you to our family. Your cousins Camilo & Rocco have been asking so much about you!!! They are eager to show you how to train a Pokémon!!

Your uncle Thomas would love to teach you how to make real Belgian wafels...they are so yummy!!!! Tía Rossi insists on speaking to you in Spanish, so you can be fluent in the language one day.

But most important, we all want to show you, all the time, how much we love you and how fortunate we are to have you with us!!!

- Rossi & Thomas

Rossi, Thomas, Camilo, and Rocco in a family portrait with a message for our baby adoption.
Bernard, Debra and Evelyn on a hike, with a message for our future baby.

Dear little bundle of joy,

We are looking forward to meeting you sooooo much.

We’ve known your new parents for such a long time; have traveled with them; have lived with them and have shared a lot of life with them and, believe me, these are the guys you want to have your back. They’ll support you; they’ll always be there for you. So relax!! Enjoy your life. Its going to be fantastic!!!

And guess what? We’ll be there too, as often as possible to share the good times and make some great memories.

With love, kisses and the promise of a new bear!


from Bernard, Debra & our daughter, Evelyn

a message from may, our littlest neighbor


( And your future neighbor and buddy, who has generously promised that you can play with all her animals. )

Tina, John, and Aleksa at a 4th of July celebration with a message for our baby adoption.

Dearest Baby,

We are thrilled beyond words to welcome you into our family because that is what Susi and Corey are to us and what you will be as well – family. Not only have they been our best friends for a long time (22 years with Tina and 12 years with John), they are also the god-parents to our sweet 4-year old daughter, Aleksa. You and she will be very good friends and will spend many vacations and holidays together ...

We can’t wait to meet you and we look forwarding to making many happy memories with you over a lifetime.


Love,  Auntie Tina, Uncle John and “Big Sis” Aleksa

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Hey little human boy or girl,


We are looking forward meeting you. You picked some good guys with Corey and Susi, and I am looking forward meeting you and going sailing with you one day (when u are old enough... !!!) Can’t wait.



Andreas and Felix on the beach with a message for our baby adoption.
Our nephews on the way to the beach, with their message for their future cousin.

We're going to teach you how to surf

the waves along the great ocean road.


Lysander and Miles ( cousins-to-be )

Jane and Kirk, with Corey, looking active as usual, with their message for their future niece or nephew.

Auntie Jane and Uncle Kirk will inspire you to eat drink and play in an active way!


Auntie Jane & Uncle Kirk ( our family role-models for health, fitness and performance )

Grandparents out to dinner, with a baby adoption message for their much-anticipated new grandchild.

Baby, it gives us the greatest of pleasure and happiness to welcome you into our family. Hopefully, you'll be as bubbly and playful baby as our daughter was. We can spend hours playing with a baby and a baby's laughter gives us great pleasure. Maybe, we'll spoil you by catering to your whims, but not too much ...


Grandad & Grandma

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Hi Baby! Aunt Linda and Cousin Jose here. We’re your San Diego connection. There’s a lot of swimming, hiking, and lying around under shady trees here. Can’t wait to share all that with you!



Linda and Jose lying around in sunny San Diego sending a message to us for our future baby.
Marc and Jess and Hope and Makena at Christmas time, with big smiles and a message for our baby adoption.

You are going to be surrounded with love - not just from your new parents but from all of their friends, especially us! We can’t wait to have playdates with you!


 Love, Jess, Marc, Hope & Makena

Dear Baby,


Please come and live in Brooklyn where we live. Primo (the big one) is 9 and Truman (the not as big one) is 6. Pretty soon they will be too big for their silver disco tuxedos and they will need someone to come along to wear them. We have a lot of celebrations together as a family and with our great friends Susi and Corey who always cook the best food. Primo and Truman can’t wait to have a new baby in our big Brooklyn family! We’ll turn the disco ball on for you to come and dance!


Love Primo, Truman, Cat & Mike

Cat, Mike, Primo, and Truman send their love and dance moves along with a big-hearted baby adoption message.
Xander, Alison, and Hesper celebrate with a dinner out and a baby adoption message to us.

Having another child in the family would mean the world to all of us.  It would be the closest thing to a sibling we could have for our little girl.

Having another young child around would also mean another opportunity to watch someone discover the world all over again.

We're all looking forward to seeing Susi and Corey with a child to call their own.  They will make fantastic parents... and who knows, if I get time, perhaps I can write another kid's book about their adventures.


Xander ( your uncle-to-be )

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Hello Little!

We are so excited to welcome you to your loving new home and this wonderful Brooklyn neighborhood! Corey and Susi (your new Mom and Dad) have been waiting for you for so long—you are already loved to the moon and back!

We’ll soon be parents too and since we’re neighbors you will have a friend your age nearby.  How cool is that?!

We can’t wait to take you both to the park to play and explore!  Every weekend there’s a farmer’s market with yummy fruits and vegetables to smell and sample.  Do you like puppies?  We have one that loves to snuggle and can’t wait for you to meet him.

But most importantly, we can’t wait to meet you!


Love, Tiffany & Chris


Chris and Tiffany send a baby message on a glorious day, from a boat on the Hudson River.
Michelle, Josh, and Nolan on a yacht, somewhere sunny and beautiful with a shiny message for our future baby.

We are so excited to meet you little one! You will always have a bed and a hot meal at our place.


Josh & Michelle

Welcome to our extended family! We can’t wait to travel with you!



Doing "The Floss" for you.

A baby message from Mike and Kenly, Nash, Noa, and Kazoo, complete with a dance video and beautiful family portrait.

Eat your heart out baby! You will forever be the most well-loved, well-fed, happy being on the face of this earth.


Kenly & Mike ( and Nash, Noa and Kazoo )

I remember taking care of your Mom when she was a cute little button. You will be darn lucky to have Susi and Corey as parents. And we are always only a phone call away!


Much love, Shanthi, Sr. ( your mom's aunt, who will be your aunt too )

Susi's aunt, Shanthi, Sr. with a baby adoption message for us from her travels, pictured here in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.
A baby message from sunny Queensland from Corey's godparents.

Welcome to the world Little One,

May your life be rich with great experiences and filled with love.

People are the most important thing in the world and you will be surrounded by a large and loving group who will envelop you into their world.

Your parents are desperately looking forward to meeting you, caring for you and sharing your life together.

Love from your people in Australia who look forward to showing you a kangaroo.


Your Fairy-Great-Godmother & Great-Godfather


Dear Baby,


There are so many people who can’t wait to meet you, give you kisses and cuddles, and enjoy sharing a lifetime of memories with you. You are already a special baby to all of us, and we would love to be part of  filling your life with purpose, meaning and fun ...


... Your parents don’t know this but we plan on taking you shopping for a puppy as soon as you let us know what breed you want!


Tom, Meghan, Sirena & Amarina

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Tom, Meghan, Sirena, and Amarina, send love and a beautiful baby adoption message from Connecticut.
Sue and John, send a baby adoption message  while celebrating their anniversary.

We are looking forward to the arrival of  a new grandchild in our loving family.


All children are special but this baby will be treasured by Susi and Corey, who have been waiting for their dream of a little one to share the future, to love and protect and care for in the years to come. It is a big responsibility and we are sure they will be wonderful parents given this opportunity.


Sue & John ( your grandparents-to-be )

Adele and David send love and a baby message from the beautiful English countryside.
Lewis the cat sends his approval.

Dear Susi-Corey Junior,

We’re really looking forward to meeting you in your new home in Brooklyn. And, when you’re old enough, we would love you to stay with us in the beautiful English countryside.

Since we don’t have kids ourselves, David and I (plus Lewis the Cat) intend to spoil you absolutely rotten. But maybe best not tell your mommy and daddy that!


Adele & David





Lewis, the Handsomest Cat in England.

Hello brand new baby. You are lucky that you are getting Susi and Corey as your new Mom and Dad. They are good, smart people, who will be conscientious and responsible in their role as parents. I look forward to meeting you – can’t wait to see what my new niece or nephew is like!


Vivi ( your uncle-to-be )

Vivi and Hesper in a park, with a baby adoption message for a future niece or nephew.
Lucy and Mark, on vacation, with a baby message for their soon-to-be littlest neighbor.

Dear Baby,

We have known your Mum and Dad since moving to New York, and we absolutely love spending time with them. So much so, that we ended up moving to Brooklyn and are now their neighbors! We are very excited about meeting you, and enjoying summer afternoons in your garden, throwing the ball, swinging on swings and making sand castles. You are going to really love exploring all the parks and playgrounds in the neighborhood and we can’t wait to welcome you.


All our love, Lucy & Mark


Penny, on a beach with her daughter Sasha, with wonderful words for our future baby.

Well, hello Beautiful!

 I want you to know that Susi and Corey are the most caring, clever, creative, skilled and emotionally intelligent couple I know. Consider yourself in safe hands if you choose them, they are very special and will treasure you.

With love and sincerity.


Penny OX


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I know that Susi and Corey will be excellent parents, and will do a wonderful job teaching and sharing joy, wisdom and love with a child. We can't wait to meet you, and create some treasured life long memories as we share life's journey.


Welcome to the family. 🙂


Alison ( Your aunty-to-be, who is crocheting a beautiful, stripey baby blanket for you. If you didn't see the blanky in progress, click here. )

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Alison, with Xander and Hesper in front of her new house, sending a baby adoption message and making a baby blanket for our future baby.

Hi Baby,

We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to Sydney for a visit.

Felix has all his cars ready to share and Louie would love to have a tea party with you and all her teddies!

We have known your new Mum ad Dad for ever…and they are the sweetest people you could wish to meet….you are one lucky bub!





Rachel, on a Sydney beach with Felix and Louie, with a message for the baby.
Matt and Johanna, with their sons, Weston and Grant at a sunny celebration, sending a message to our future baby.

Dear Baby,

I am so glad you were lucky enough to find Susi and Corey as parents. Not only they are a beautiful couple but they have been together for so many years, they know how to ride life together and will use their wisdom to raise you as the best human being possible.

Your luck doesn’t stop there. You will be fed extremely well. They are the best cooks we ever met and we would never miss an invitation from them. Their ability to cook not only results in an explosion on the taste buds but they have mastered team work and knowledge of ingredients from different countries and cultures that they will share with you ...


We can't wait to meet you, Matt and Johanna (or as Corey and Susi call us, "Bug & Lug")


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Dear Baby

We are so excited to hear that you may be joining Corey my “Brother from another Mother” and lovely Susi in gorgeous Brooklyn.

It is always my favorite time of year when I get to see them and I can’t wait to meet you too! You have to come to Sydney soon too so you can meet our big daughter Jessica and our little dog Bowie.

Can’t wait to meet you.



Antony, Catherine and Jessica, at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, with a message for our future baby.
Winston, pictured here at dusk in the Italian countryside, with a message for his future niece or nephew.

I am so happy for you, little munchkin. You'll be such an inspiration. I know you will be loved and  given beautiful goodness.


Prayers and happiness and love,

from Winnie  (your uncle-to-be) & Nami (your four-legged-buddy-to-be)




Kate and Dave, on one of their many colorful traveling adventures with a message to their future little nieghbor.

Your new parents are going to be such fun!

You will have such a good life with caring & loving people plus they’re good cooks. ;)

We are the ‘people over the fence’….the couple next door…the neighbors.

I fondly remember the people who lived on either side of me when I was a child, and I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to Corey & Susi’s world !


Kate & Dave


Carol and Omar and Mila, photographed at our house, with messages for their future little buddy.

I’m going to love the hell out of this kid!  (I can't wait to welcome you into our lives.)



Can't wait for many fun filled "dinner and a show" nights with you as your parents are the best chefs and we have been known to do some after dinner dancing under the stars or sing karaoke. Looking forward to showing you dance moves and laughing until our cheeks hurt.



Can't wait to play in the grass with you!


Mila ( the small furry one )

We often visit Corey and Susi in the USA as a family.  Our kids love spending time with both of them. They are lots of fun and have always been great with children. Our kids have loved them dearly from when they were little. We cannot wait to meet the newest addition to our family. We look forward to creating a lifetime of memories both here in Australia and on our visits to the US.


Ben &Ann, (your future aunt and uncle), & Griffin, Riley & Arabella (your future cousins)

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Ben, Ann, Griffin, Riley and Arabella, celebrating Arabella's birthday, and sending their best wishes for our baby adoption.
Danielle, pictured with Gavin, Georgia, and Antony, on a boat on Sydney Harbor, sending her best wishes and love for our baby adoption.

I honestly believe that a child raised in such a warm, creative, joyous, compassionate, inclusive & loving environment will be truly blessed, growing up knowing their worth & wanting to make the world a better place. A stable environment & huge circle of family & friends (“family of choice”) waits to embrace them & help their navigation through life. They will always know that there is a “soft place to land” whatever challenges are faced. This is testament to the character of Corey & Susi & reflective of the support they have always offered to those around & I wish them love & luck for the exciting future ahead.



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So happy to hear we might be getting a baby soon. Fingers crossed it’s a girl as I am the only girl cousin. I will love the new baby either way.


Love, Arabella (your future cousin)

Arabella, our niece, sending her baby wishes from an Australian beach.
Shanthi and Mark, in Brooklyn, with a wonderfully long message for the future baby.

Dear Munchkin,

You have no idea how much you’re already loved. All of us are so excited for you to finally get here, to spoil and pamper you, to take you on adventures, and to teach you everything you never knew you wanted to learn about everything ...

... now you may be wondering about the name “Munchkin.” This is an honorary, sacred nickname bestowed onto the smallest child in the family. My father passed it to my brother – your other cousin, whom you’ll meet soon too – who passed it to me. It’s a term of affection, endearment, love, and adoration given to the youngest member of the family. Now I pass it to you, our youngest, newest family member.

Can’t wait to meet you and give you lots of snuggles!!!


Shanthi, Jr. ( your new mom's cousin, who has already announced her undying devotion to you )

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Be a princess baby!

Hope (future "god-sister")

It's okay if you're a boy.

Makena (future "god-sister")

Hope, outside our place in Brooklyn.
Makena, on vacation with us and her family in Mexico.

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