It gives us the greatest of pleasure and happiness to welcome you into our family. Hopefully, you will be a bubbly and playful baby as my daughter was.


We can spend hours playing with a baby and a baby's laughter gives us great pleasure. Maybe, we will spoil you by catering to your whims, but not too much.


You will find out about other members of the family who have achieved success in life by contributing to society. Being teachers, we will ensure you are familiar with children's stories, songs and games. Sports and music will play an important part in your life, and we hope you will persevere and learn to play musical instruments.


When you start your education, we will be able to help you, however, you will have to rely on your parents for help with modern technology. It is our fervent wish that you will grow up to be a useful, contributing member of society.


Grandad & Grandma