Dear Baby,


I am so glad you were lucky to find Susi and Corey as parents. Not only they are a beautiful couple but they have been together for so many years, they know how to ride life together and will use their wisdom to raise you as the best human being possible.


Your luck doesn’t stop there. You will be fed extremely well. They are the best cooks we ever met and we would never miss an invitation from them. Their ability to cook not only results in an explosion on the taste buds but they have mastered team work and knowledge of ingredients from different countries and cultures that they will share with you.


I can’t quite imagine the recipes of baby food they already have in mind!


Susi and Corey will expose you to an inclusive life of people’s languages, religions, orientations, cultures.


Most of all, they will be loving parents and that will be your key ingredient to grow.


Please remind them one day how lucky they are to have you in their lives too and how life and supporting people all around them made it happen.


We can't wait to meet you,

Matt & Johanna (or as Corey & Susi call us "Bug & Lug" )