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New York City is still the greatest city on earth. It's full of world-famous museums, parks, libraries, restaurants, stores, Broadway shows—you name it, it’s all here, it’s all happening, and it’s all epic.


After living here for a decade you think you’ve seen it all, but then you're hit with another “only-in-New-York” moment that takes your breath away and makes you wonder how you got lucky enough to live and work here. What could be better?


Well, going home to our leafy Brooklyn neighborhood for one thing. The great thing about being only 10 minutes from Manhattan is that home is always just 10 minutes away, too.


Home, where we know our neighbors and shopkeepers, and can walk to good schools, libraries, and more playgrounds and parks than anyone could possibly use. Where great restaurants, amazing stores, gourmet supermarkets, green markets, farmer's markets, fishmongers, the best butchers in NYC and a couple of the best bakeries in the country are just down the street.


What's better than living in New York City? Living in what feels like a charming, tree-lined, village (with world-class amenities) that's just minutes away from the world's most exciting metropolis. Next, see some more of the reasons why we live where we live.

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