Well, hello Beautiful!


Life is full of choices and the decisions you make shoot you off to very different places. This one is probably the most important you’ll ever make!


I am lucky enough to have a loving husband and two gorgeous children, our son Archer is 6 and our daughter Sasha is 3. Life has been full and varied for me and as an older and wiser mother I am much better at sifting through its complexities and adventures now compared to my earlier years.


Susi and I met in class at University (RMIT, Melbourne) many moons ago, when we were 18. I was immediately drawn to her presence, she was one of those extraordinarily shiny people who stood out above the crowd then as she does today. In years to come she had the good sense to team up with another particularly sparkly person in Corey and they are truly a beacon of brightness together.


I want you to know that Susi and Corey are the most caring, clever, creative, skilled and emotionally intelligent couples I know. Consider yourself in safe hands if you choose them, they are very special and will treasure you.


With love and sincerity,

Penny OX


PS: Come see us in Melbourne, Australia some time. Archie and Sash would love to take you to our farm or the beach for a visit.