corey&susi would like to adopt a baby

What's so great about Susi? By Corey

Susi is a creator. That means she's an entrepreneur, a business owner, a published author, an awarded designer, and a creative director, amongst other things. But those are not the things that will make her an extraordinary mother.


She also creates moments and memories that touch people,  make them happy, and make them feel noticed, appreciated and loved. Whether it's a fabulous dinner party, a gift for a friend, or a day spent making toddlers think they can do magic, she puts her heart into everything and shares whatever she has.


That's what will make her an incredible mom, and give a child a wonderfully creative and memorable childhood. Susi is the most talented and giving person I've ever known. She's also  cheeky, and the most child-like adult I know. She can make the most boring chore fun, and she finds the humor and fun in everything and everyone. Here are some more of the reasons she'll make a great mom.

( portrait by our niece, Arabella, who was 8-years-old at the time)

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