Dearest Baby,


We are thrilled beyond words to welcome you into our family because that is what Susi and Corey are to us and what you will be as well – family. Not only have they been our best friends for a long time (22 years with Tina and 12 years with John), they are also the god-parents to our sweet 4-year old daughter, Aleksa. You and she will be very good friends and will spend many vacations and holidays together. You can think of her as your big sister, and she is excited to be that for you. She really wants to be a big sister but she says she doesn’t want the baby to live with us and have to share all her toys – perfect arrangement with you!


We know that you will be raised by wonderful, loving and supportive parents in Susi and Corey. They will give you many opportunities in life like great education in school and life (they are pretty wise), travel and learning about different cultures (especially Australia) and yummy foods of all kinds to eat (they are great cooks). But as Aleksa will tell you, they really like to laugh and play, so you will definitely have no shortage of fun in your life.


We can’t wait to meet you and we look forwarding to making many happy memories with you over a lifetime.


Love, Auntie Tina, Uncle John and “Big Sis” Aleksa