The single biggest change and the most memorable moment of my life was the birth of my daughter, Hesper. Adopting a child I imagine, will have much the same impact for Susi and Corey.


Our daughter has shaped everything we do. How we plan our week is driven around her schedule and how she wants to spend her time. The foods we cook and the restaurants we eat at are derived from her ever changing tastes. Whether it's going to a museum, visiting a park, or playing Pokemon cards,  we don't watch from afar but get directly involved in the things that interest her.  We expose her to as much as possible and foster the things that appeal to her most. There is no forced discipline in our house. There doesn't need to be. She has a lovely manner and a great sense of humor (although she is a little cheeky sometimes).  She is also a quick learner and is highly academic, sitting comfortably at the top of her class. She loves to read and play games that require both thinking and imagination. When she was four years old, I wrote and illustrated a kid's book called "My Naughty Shadow" for iPad, and she will still occasionally still look at it to this day.


Having another child in the family would mean the world to all of us. It would be the closest thing to a sibling we could have for our little girl. There's so much we could teach them. To draw, to play piano, to create things with their hands and more importantly, to develop their imagination. To teach them that their ideas can come to life as writing, art or music or even just as games with friends.


Having another young child around would also mean another opportunity to watch someone discover the world all over again. To take them to visit museums, to expose them to sports, music and film. To put as much as we can into their mind and see what sticks. And of course it would mean Hesper, would have the chance to teach them as well. To try to share her own interests. And maybe even to try and teach them a little French which she herself is fluent in. We're all looking forward to seeing Susi and Corey with a child to call their own. They will make fantastic parents... and who knows, if I get time, perhaps I can write another kid's book about their adventures.